Concept About Rummy Card Game Online

Concept About Rummy Card Game Online – Playing Rummy Card game online is completely legal in India and even the Supreme Court of India has acknowledged it as a skill game.

History of Rummy Card Game

Rummy is an interesting variety of card game that has a rich history. Widely believed to have a Conquian origin, there is a theory that game must have originated in Spain or any Spanish territories in South America and must have found a way to enter America in the latter half of the 19th century. There is another theory that suggests an eastern origin for rummy. This theory suggests that Indian rummy has its origins in Mahjong, a Chinese card game which involves pick and drop of cards. Because of China’s geographical proximity to India, the game must have reached India.

One another theory suggests the origins of rummy can be traced from Whiskey Poker, a card game that is popular in England. However, card game enthusiasts dismiss this theory as the evidences provided to prove the same lacks merit. There is a belief that the word rummy has its root in the word rum, a British word which means odd or peculiar. Also, the word rummy is attributed to the alcoholic beverage rum, which was incredibly popular among the Europeans back then. Whatever be the origins, one cannot dispute the fact that India currently has the best version of the game.

Rummy Card game online – A Skill game

The reason the game evolved so much in India, is because rummy is primarily a skill game. The outcome of the rummy card game online depends a lot on your mental ability more than luck or any other external factors. Speaking of skills, in addition to rummy strategies, a player must be adept with quite a few mental skills – concentration, attention, and decision making in order to be successful in a rummy card game.  While it is true that starting hands play a vital role in the outcome, there are players who manage to secure victories despite when dealt with a bad hand. If luck were the sole factor deciding the outcome of the game, would it be possible?

The player must know master the rummy rules, ideology and strategy. To achieve optimal level of play, one has to have a lot of discipline and patience. It’s an art. And they say it takes a lifetime to master it.

Deccan Rummy – the best site to play rummy card game online.

In addition to being a good mental exercise, online rummy is also a money spinner. There’s plenty of money up for grabs in games and tournaments. Numerous players have made huge fortunes playing rummy card game online.

With the advent of smartphone, the growth of the Indian rummy Industries is skyrocketing. Players now have an option to play the game on the move and win real cash online. With numerous sites & rummy mobile app available, players are having a problem of plenty in finding the best one.

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